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Discover the Beauty of Dental Implants in La Mesa

Whether you have one damaged tooth or several damaged teeth, Authentic Dental Designs dental care in La Mesa, CA can help restore your smile and confidence with the latest innovations in dental implants. Our San Diego dentist team of Dr. Megan Clarke and Dr. Meghan Toland, and they will give you a no-obligation consultation and explain the dental implants process with you. Our comprehensive dental restoration services are sure to find the ideal solution for your particular oral needs.

Dental Implants Image

What Are Dental Implants?

Our La Mesa dentist professionals recommend dental implants for those missing one or more teeth who desire an option beyond dentures and bridges. Not only are implants more comfortable and low-maintenance, but they offer a more permanent solution for replacing a damaged tooth or multiple damaged teeth. Implants involve the placement of artificial tooth ‘roots’ to serve as anchors for the placement of natural looking replacement teeth.

Why Patients Choose Dental Implants Over Dentures

Dentures still have a tendency to look artificial, particularly when you have to pull them out of your mouth each night for cleaning. Implants so closely resemble natural teeth, that only you will notice the difference. You’ll never need to go in for adjustments and you won’t experience that ‘slippage’ that is common with dentures if you opt for dental implants. If you desire the most natural smile possible, your choice is a clear as the smile it will leave you with!

The Dental Implants Process with Our Dentist in La Mesa, CA

Your dentist in La Mesa will provides comprehensive consultations to address your specific dental care needs for a broken tooth or broken teeth. After an oral evaluation, we’ll assess your options for dental restorations. To be a viable candidate for dental implants patients will need sufficient bone density in their jaws to support implant posts. Here are the three essential steps involved in the dental implant process.

1. After you and your dentist have determined that implants are right for you, you’ll be referred to a periodontist or oral surgeon who’ll surgically implant titanium anchor screws into you jawline where replacement teeth are needed.

2. The titanium posts must completely fuse with your jawbone before we can proceed with the implants. This process can take approximately three to six months depending on the health and healing speed of each individual patient.

3. Once you’ve healed, simply come back to our office for the installation of your custom-crafted dental fixtures, and leave with a brilliant smile!

Schedule Your Consultation for Dental Implants Today

Our compassionate team at Authentic Dental Designs wants to be your dental care specialist in the greater San Diego area. Come in to our office at 8029 La Mesa Blvd. or call us at 619-460-9100 to schedule an appointment today to discuss your options.