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Invisalign Braces in La Mesa and San Diego

Teeth straightening is an important part of getting the smile you want. The challenge is finding the right solution based on your needs and your teeth. At Authentic Dental Designs, we recognize that you have specific needs for your teeth and we offer Invisalign to work on your teeth.

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What is Invisalign?

Invisalign refers to custom made aligners that help straighten your teeth by gradually shifting and adjusting the placement of your teeth. Since the aligners are clear, you do not need to worry about the way your teeth look throughout the process. It does not cause your teeth to stand out in the same way as braces and it gives you more flexibility to keep your teeth clean. 

The aligners control the amount of force used to adjust your teeth. It also ensures proper timing to change the appearance of your teeth. Since timing and force are essential parts of the process, you want to ensure that you follow the instructions of a dentist in regards to wearing the aligners and when to change the aligners for the impact you want to obtain.

A dentist in La Mesa may suggest the use of invisible aligners when you do not need braces, but still want to adjust and straighten your teeth. We may also suggest the aligners to improve the appearance of your smile when you have gaps or other concerns you want to address.

Why Consider Invisalign for Straight Teeth?

The reason you want to consider Invisalign for straight teeth is the simplicity of the aligners. The custom made aligners do not require a complicated process to put braces on your teeth or painful treatments. A La Mesa dentist ensures you obtain the right series of aligners after evaluating your teeth and your needs.

While the simplicity is a key reason to consider teeth straightening with aligners, a San Diego dentist may suggest Invisalign if you want to avoid traditional braces. Since you do not need to put braces on your teeth and can easily remove the aligners, you gain an advantage in regards to comfort and appearance. Your smile improves without an obvious or unattractive item on your teeth.

When to Talk to a San Diego Dentist

Generally, we suggest you visit a San Diego dentist on a regular basis to check on your teeth and oral health. While a regular check-up allows a dentist to determine when you may benefit from the aligners, you also want to discuss potential complications that may occur.

You should discuss the treatment option when you want to make positive changes to your smile. You also want to consider the treatment when you want to avoid braces while still obtaining a beautiful smile.

Obtaining the smile of your dreams starts with finding the right solution for your goals. When you want straight teeth, custom made aligners give you a solution to help with your goals. To learn more about Invisalign or for an appointment with a dentist, call 619-460-9100 today.