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Dental Fillings From Our La Mesa Dentist

At Authentic Dental Designs, dental fillings are one of the most common services provided by our La Mesa dentist and team. Specifically, cavities form in the teeth when bacteria eat away at the enamel and tooth, leading to decay. While dental cavities are very common (there are more than three million cases of them each year in the United States alone), it is important that they are spotted and treated as soon as possible to avoid further dental problems.

getting a dental filling

Symptoms and Diagnosis of Cavities

Depending on their size and severity, cavities may have numerous symptoms or no symptoms at all. However, in patients who do experience symptoms from their tooth decay, these often include:

  • soreness in the tooth and surrounding area
  • unexplained tooth sensitivity to hot and cold
  • pain when biting down on certain teeth

Because many cavities don't have obvious symptoms right away, regular dental exams are highly recommended to spot and treat cavities before they become more problematic. During a dental exam, our hygienist and dentist will thoroughly inspect the teeth and use special instruments to check for decay. X-rays can also be used to spot cavities that may otherwise be difficult to see with the naked eye.

What to Expect From a Cavity Filling

If we spot a cavity in one of your teeth, we'll want to treat it right away. This is done through dental fillings in La Mesa. Specifically, a dental filling involves removing the decay from the tooth and filling the resulting cavity with a composite material that prevents future decay and saves your tooth.

If you've never had a filling before, the procedure is quite simple and very routine in our office. We'll begin by using an anesthetic to numb the area around your tooth, which will ensure you don't feel any pain during the procedure. Then, our dentist will use a small drill to carefully remove the decayed portion of the tooth before filling the drilled-out space with a tooth-colored filling. Then, a special light is used to "cure" the composite filling before our dentist checks your bite and files down any excess filling material.

After your filling is placed, our dentist will recommend that you wait for your anesthetic to wear off before eating or drinking. From there, however, your cavity will be successfully treated. To reduce your chances of developing future cavities, your San Diego dentist and/or hygienist will also make some recommendations regarding dental hygiene habits, such as tips on how to brush or floss more effectively.

Request an Appointment With Our Dentist in La Mesa

Whether you're experiencing symptoms of a cavity or simply haven't had a dental exam in awhile, our dentist in La Mesa is here to help. Contact Authentic Dental Designs at 619-460-9100 to request your appointment or to find out more about our dental services offered. We'd also be happy to answer any questions you may have about dental fillings and cavity treatment.