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Dental X-Rays at Authentic Dental Designs

Digital Dental X-Rays

Do You Need Dental X-Rays?

Regular dental exams are important for preventing common dental problems and caring for your teeth. But when do you need dental X-rays? During your initial dental exam visit with Dr. Meghan Toland, our team will work closely with you to go over your dental history and address any current oral health concerns. To make sure we are providing the best possible dental care for each of our patients, we may also recommend digital dental X-rays to take a closer look at your teeth and overall oral health.

What Are Digital Dental X-Rays

Technology is constantly advancing and in the dental health field, there have been great strides in the way we use X-rays to get a better picture of your teeth and bones. With new advances in dental technology, dental X-rays are more safe and convenient than ever before. Digital dental X-rays are very similar to traditional X-rays because they both require a member of our San Diego dentistry team to insert a sensor into your mouth to capture images. But with digital X-rays, patients are exposed to much less radiation. In fact, this new digital options uses up to 90 percent less radiation than traditional film X-rays. You are exposed to more radiation than digital dental X-rays by walking outside or traveling on an airplane!

Once the digital sensor is properly aligned in your mouth, our team simply connects the digital sensor to a computer and scans your mouth. Once the images are taken, we can quickly project them onto a screen to be examined. Digital X-rays make your initial appointment much faster because no one has to waste time waiting for the traditional X-ray film to develop!

Additional Benefits of Digital Dental X-Rays

Some of the other great benefits of using digital X-rays include:

Higher Quality Images – Traditional X-ray sizing can make viewing certain oral abnormalities very difficult. With digital radiology, the images of your mouth can easily be enlarged for a better look inside your mouth.

Record Transfer is Easy – If you’ve switched dentists in the past or had to see a specialist, you know that traditional X-rays can take the time to copy and mail out. With digital X-rays, a quick email is all you need to transfer information.

Environmentally Friendly – No chemicals are needed for these digital images. These no need for extra film storage space or the wasted space of a darkroom either.

Get a Better Picture of Your Oral Health

With the help of digital radiology, our dental team can better serve each of our patients. Whether you need a filling or it may be time for braces, with fast, safe and efficient digital dental X-rays -we can make your next appointment simple and easy. Call (619) 460-9100 or visit our San Diego Dentistry team at Authentic Dental Designs online today for more information or to schedule your initial appointment. Don’t miss out on our $150 New Patient Special that includes a comprehensive exam, preventative cleaning, and full mouth X-rays!