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Family Dentistry

San Diego Dentist Offers Comprehensive Family Dental Services

Receiving regular dental examinations and cleanings is essential for maintaining excellent oral health. La Mesa dentist, Dr. Megan Clarke, DDS, urges you to schedule a teeth cleaning appointment every six months for you and all members of your family so that teeth and gums can be professionally examined for signs of gingivitis, cavities, decay or other potentially serious oral problems.

When your family dentist is able to detect tooth pitting before pits develop into cavities, she can begin treatment to stop them from enlarging and developing into cavities.  In addition, Dr. Clarke uses advanced digital imaging techniques to provide her patients with high quality, preventative dental care that not only keeps teeth and gums healthy but can also reduce the risk of patients needing more extensive dental treatments in the future, such as cavity fillings or extensive treatment for gum disease.

Family smiling because they have fabulous teeth from their family dentistry in San Diego with Authentic Dental Designs.

Pediatric Dentistry

Your child's “baby" teeth need regular dental exams as much as their permanent teeth do to maintain optimal health.  Although a child's first set of teeth is typically lost by age 12, the integrity of those first teeth is vital to permanent teeth erupting healthy and strong. Many parents think that baby teeth do not require professional attention since these teeth are impermanent. However, Dr. Clarke wants parents of babies and toddlers to understand how important it is to monitor the condition of baby teeth. A pediatric dental cleaning can help prevent decay from affecting permanent teeth lying beneath permanent teeth. Baby teeth lost due to decay may disrupt normal eruption of permanent teeth, causing them to come in crooked or impacted.

Cosmetic/Restorative Family Dental Services

A smile gleaming with white, healthy-looking teeth makes the best first impressions and also improves confidence and self-esteem. Offering a variety of cosmetic and restorative procedures, your San Diego dentist recommends professional teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, dental implants, dentures and crowns to restore an attractive appearance to discolored, chipped or slightly crooked teeth. Dental implants can replace missing teeth with natural-looking, functional teeth that are actually implanted during a noninvasive procedure. Veneers are pieces of ultra-thin porcelain that cover damaged teeth to conceal intrinsic stains, chips and gaps between teeth.


Crooked or crowded teeth are not only unattractive but promote development of decay, cavities and irregular bite dimensions. Dr. Clarke suggests traditional braces or Invisalign trays to reposition crooked or abnormally spaced teeth before further damage is done to your oral health. In some cases, specific treatments that may be necessary before fitting a patient with Invisalign tray aligners or traditional metal braces. For example, teeth that are crooked because of crowding may need an extraction performed to relieve overcrowding so that straightening can occur. Whether your dentist in La Mesa recommends Invisalign or traditional braces depends on the severity of teeth misalignment and the patient's age.

Contact Authentic Dental Designs, Your San Diego Dentist

To schedule a dental cleaning and exam or to learn more about our family dentistry services, please call Authentic Dental Designs today at 619-460-9100. You can also email Dr. Clarke with your questions and concerns at meganeclarkedds@gmail.com.