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Root Canal Therapy From Our La Mesa Dentist

Here at Authentic Dental Designs, our La Mesa dentist team specializes in restorative treatments, including root canal therapy. Ultimately, our goal with these procedures is to save your teeth from needing to be extracted and protecting your oral health in the process. Specifically, our skilled and experienced dental team is able to offer comfortable, precise root canal therapy to our patients right here in our office.

root canal exam

The Importance of Root Canals for Treatment

When you have a small or normal-sized cavity, simply cleaning out the decay and filling the cavity with a composite material is often enough to treat the cavity and protect the tooth. Unfortunately, when a cavity becomes severe enough to the point that it reaches the nerves, root, and other part's of a tooth's root canal, a simple filling isn't enough. At this point, the tooth has become severely infected and, as a result, could fall out or need to be extracted. In some cases, a dental abscess could eventually form, which is a very painful and serious bacterial infection.

This is where root canal therapy comes in. With a root canal treatment, the infected root canals of the tooth are completely removed and cleaned, and the remaining cavity is covered and sealed off with a dental crown to protect the structural integrity of the tooth itself. This is a more involved procedure than a dental filling because it involves the removal of the affected tooth's nerves and pulp.

Getting a Root Canal With Our La Mesa Dentist

If getting a root canal with our La Mesa dentist becomes necessary, you can rest assured you're in good hands with our team at Authentic Dental Designs. We work to ensure that you're as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure, which typically lasts about an hour. We'll begin by using a local anesthetic injection to numb the area around the affected tooth. From there, small drills and files are used to remove the nerves and pulp from inside the tooth chamber before the area is cleaned out and lined with an antibiotic to prevent infection.

Depending on your specific needs, our dentist will either provide a temporary filling or crown to seal off the tooth for the next couple of days. From there, you will return to the office to receive a permanent crown that will protect the tooth and keep it from cracking, chipping or other damage.

Tooth Pain? Request an Appointment With Our Dentist in La Mesa

If you're experiencing tooth pain or a persistent toothache, don't put off scheduling an appointment with our dentist in La Mesa any longer. The more you wait, the worse the problem can become. Contact our team at Authentic Dental Designs to set up your appointment by calling 619-460-9100; our San Diego dentist is ready to serve you, and our office staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our many services offered.