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Your Resource for Teeth Whitening Services in San Diego

It may seem terribly unfair that even though you've kept your teeth in perfect health, stains and other discolorations have made them look as if you'd neglected them for years. Keeping your teeth a dazzling white can be a challenge, even with the availability of home teeth whitening kits. Fortunately, your La Mesa dentist at Authentic Dental Designs, Dr. Megan Clarke or Dr. Meghan Toland, can provide professional teeth whitening services in San Diego among our many cosmetic dentistry options.

woman with teeth whitening in San Diego

How Teeth Bleaching Works

Tooth discoloration many occur for any number of reasons. Discolorations that originate on the surfaces of the teeth are partly due to the porous nature of tooth enamel, which allows tiny particles of colored matter to become embedded in it. Common staining agents include coffee, tea, red wine and other dark-colored foods or liquids. Smoking can also cause significant yellow or brown discoloration. The most widespread cause of all is simple aging, which tends to add a yellowish cast to the teeth. To top it all off, some people just naturally have less whiteness to their smile than others.

Tooth bleaching can strip away those embarrassing surface stains. The basic principle involves the use of a whitening agent such as hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide degrades the molecules that give the stains their color, brightening your teeth. 

Professional Teeth Bleaching Power from Your Dentist in La Mesa

While you can purchase tooth whitening kits over the counter for use at home, these products can't produce dramatic teeth whitening results. For one thing, the peroxide concentration allowed for these products is extremely weak -- as low as 3 to 3.5 percent. Additionally, the whitening strips or other products you're supposed to attach to your teeth rarely fit securely or apply the peroxide evenly. To achieve real results, you need professional teeth bleaching, which means you need the cosmetic dentistry professionals at Authentic Dental Designs.

Our teeth whitening procedures are both extremely powerful and extremely safe. The products we use vary in concentration from 25 to 40 percent -- a degree of bleaching power only dental professionals can administer. But before we begin the bleaching process, your dentist in La Mesa applies a protective gel onto the gums to protect them from harm. A typical one-hour session can make your teeth several shades whiter than they were before -- and an additional session can be scheduled if you decide to go even brighter. The peroxide may cause some tooth sensitivity immediately following treatment, but this will pass.

Are Bleached Teeth in Your Future? Then So Is Your La Mesa Dentist! 

Teeth bleaching can't solve every kind of discoloration (such as discoloration from an injury), but it might be exactly what you're looking for. Your La Mesa dentist can tell you whether you can benefit from bleached teeth or you're better off with a different cosmetic dentistry procedure. Call 619-460-9100 for an appointment!