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Invisalign refers to custom-made clear aligners that help straighten your teeth by gradually shifting and adjusting the placement of your teeth. Since the aligners are clear and removable, you do not need to worry about having noticeable metal braces, and it gives you more flexibility to keep your teeth clean.

The Benefits of Invisalign

Crooked or crowded teeth are not only unattractive, but they promote development of decay, gum disease, difficulty chewing, and chronic headaches.

At Authentic Dental Designs, Dr. Toland’s goal is to detect potential alignment issues as early as possible in order to best protect your overall health and quality of life, then identify the best orthodontic solution to treat it.

The Invisalign system uses clear aligners that are made out of nearly invisible plastic and, unlike traditional braces, can be inserted and removed for daily cleaning routines, eating, and special occasions. The aligners are BPA-free and smooth so that they don’t irritate your cheeks and gums.

Many patients choose to combine Invisalign treatment with professional teeth whitening as part of a comprehensive smile makeover plan.

The Invisalign Treatment Process

Your Invisalign treatment begins with a consultation with Dr. Toland. She will analyze your bite and discuss your dental goals with you. Once Invisalign has been determined to be the best tooth-straightening system for you, Dr. Toland will:

  • Take x-rays and digital scans of your teeth to create a digital model
  • Map the movements of your teeth from their current position to the final desired position
  • Have custom-made clear aligners created specifically for you, to wear throughout the day
  • Monitor your progress and have you change aligners every two weeks, advancing you to the next stage of your treatment

As you move from one aligner to the next (approximately every 10 days), your teeth will gradually shift until they reach their final, improved position.

The length of Invisalign treatment is based on the severity of your unique situation and your compliance in wearing the aligners each day. Invisalign aligners should be worn a minimum of 22 hours per day to achieve optimal results. Each set of trays is typically worn for two weeks before moving on to the next set in the series. Treatment length varies based on the needs of the patient, taking anywhere from 4 to 18 months before final results are achieved.

Caring for your Teeth and Aligners

One of the advantages of Invisalign is that the patient can easily brush and floss without bulky braces getting in the way. After each meal or snack, the teeth and the aligners should be brushed to prevent plaque from getting trapped around the teeth and in the aligner. Failure to do so could result in tooth decay and gum disease. Brush the aligners gently and rinse them with lukewarm water to remove any debris.

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