Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Stained, yellow teeth can cause even the most healthy smile to appear dull or unattractive. Teeth whitening can be performed to give you the whitest, brightest smile possible!

Our in-office bleaching procedure leaves our patients’ teeth multiple shades whiter and with just a minimal investment of time. With proper oral hygiene habits and regular dental visits, these results can last for years!

Causes of staining

Dental staining can be caused by a number of different culprits you may encounter on a daily basis:

  • Dark beverages such as sodas, teas, coffee, and red wine
  • Colored foods like blueberries, tomato sauces, pomegranates, and oranges
  • Poor oral health habits
  • Consumption of certain medications
  • Tobacco and cigarette smoking

Even people who maintain strong oral health habits and avoid teeth-staining foods and beverages can face yellowing and discoloration of the teeth due to the normal aging process.

Whitening Choices

Drugstore shelves are filled with any number of whitening products that all promise a whiter and brighter smile, but often offer disappointing results. None of these over-the-counter methods compare to the effects of an in-office teeth whitening procedure.

Zoom® In-Office Whitening

The Zoom light allows dramatic results to be achieved within one dental visit

  • Safe whitening gel is applied to your teeth
  • LED whitening lamp accelerates results
  • Get up to 8 shades whiter in under 2 hours
  • Minimal tooth sensitivity
  • Includes take-home trays for periodic touch-ups
Our assistant Jemma brightening her smile

Take-Home Whitening Trays

  • Custom-made whitening trays are fabricated to fit your teeth
  • Whitening gel is worn in trays for 1 hour/day until results are achieved
  • A noticeably whiter smile in 7-14 days





This patient wanted to whiten her natural teeth so that they would match the lighter crowns on her 2 front teeth. A 1.5-hour Zoom In-Office Whitening session achieved great results!


teeth whitening


tooth whitening

This patient used to get compliments on how white her teeth were when she was younger, but years of coffee and red wine stains have darkened them. We restored the brightness to her smile with a 2-hour Zoom In-Office Whitening session!

Maintaining a Bright Smile

Our whitening treatments are formulated to give you long-lasting results, but the results will vary depending on the type of whitening you opt for. Lifestyle choices, such as drinking drinks that stain teeth, will make them yellow again over time. Minimize foods and drinks that cause staining including coffee, tea, red wine, etc.

Maintaining a bright and beautiful smile is also a matter of making good choices and continuing your oral health routine. Brush and floss your teeth regularly and rinse your mouth with water, especially after eating meals or consuming staining beverages. Avoid smoking, as it can also contribute to stained teeth.

Dr. Toland can recommend a high quality whitening toothpaste to help you maintain your new beautiful smile for years to come.

Interested in Whitening?

To learn more about teeth whitening and to find out whether it is the right treatment for you, please contact Dr. Meghan Toland at our La Mesa cosmetic dentistry practice today.